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MissSuicide is an Industrial/Dark Electro solo project. It was founded by Demian S. in 2010, first under the name Obscura Ventus. Before discovering electronic music and synthesizers, Demian S. was drummer in a metal band. The early :Wumpscut: albums got him deep into Industrial music, and the concept of MissSuicide was born. All songs are instrumentals between hard dance rythms, melodic atmospheres and gothic rock. Every song and album follows a thematic concept, just using analog synths instead of digital sounds. MissSuicide has produced an exclusive song "beat my heartbeat" to release on "The future of Industrial Vol. 1 (Red Edition)". — — #misssuicide #industrialcompilation #rededition #volume01 #noxxblacklabel #melodicelectro #melodic #synth #gothicrock #industrialmusic #ebm #industrialelectro #electroindustrial

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πŸ•‡πŸ”₯ OMNIVOR (EP #review)πŸ”₯πŸ•‡ Author: MISSSUICIDE REMEMBER: – this is a PERSONAL opinion; – opinions may change in future. REVIEW (each track): 1) hoped for glitches or something unusual, considering the title πŸ˜… 2) better than the first, sounds even better after 1:33 (3rd fav); 3) not bad, but… where's the original version? 4) heavier and longer than the original, both interesting ✌ 5) strangely funny πŸ˜ƒ (2nd fav); 6) WOW! A final surprise! 😍 (1st FAV and BEST REMIX). NOTES: Don't know if this is a new interpretation of #industrialmusic, maybe we all need to experiment more. WHAT DO YOU THINK? @misssuicideofficial @orrphoiz @stahlschlag_official @bolpavox #omnivor #darkelectro #electrodark #electromusic #electronica #darkmusic #alternativemusic #electroindustrial #remixes

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